CSR Training

For the modern business owner the pressure to implement sustainable systems and offer eco-friendly products and services is overwhelming. Between consumer demands, the growing body of government regulations, public concern for environmental issues and rising expense of raw materials and energy, the grounds for owners to ai???greenai??? their business is compelling. Unfortunately for many though, where the drive for an effective restructure is present, a grasp of the multitude of resources available to improve business operations may be absent. We can help. By putting LSquare on your team you simply tap into one resource that leads to all others. Our experts have developed a system which facilitates the following processes:

  • Identifying the purpose for improving environmental record and applying it as a theme throughout your progress.
  • Laying the groundwork for greening your business by creating an accountable person or team, allocating funds for the program and analyzing the processes involved in your business to identify areas of focus.
  • Conducting industry research to analyze your competitorai??i??s environmental practices to distinguish where you stand.
  • Determining which set of strategies to incorporate by distinguishing opportunities and challenges in the areas of focus such as transportation, waste management, energy consumption and employee education programs.
  • Creating a comprehensive plan for carrying out short term goals, geared towards results, as well as a long term goals designed to maintain and adapt the program once in place.

Through our unique program, customized to address your objectives, LSquare can help you make sustainability a core element of day-to-day business. Greening your business through our program can mean:
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