The Energy Resource Institute ai??i?? Green Rating For Integrated Habitat Assessment

TERI, being deeply committed to every aspect of sustainable development, took upon itself the responsibility of acting as a driving force to popularize green building by developing a tool for measuring and rating a buildingai??i??s environmental performance in the context of Indiaai??i??s varied climate and building practices. This tool, by its qualitative and quantitative assessment criteria, would be able to ai???rateai??i?? a building on the degree of its ai???greennessai??i??.

The rating would be applied to new and existing building stock of varied functions ai??i?? commercial, institutional, and residential.

reserach curley hair. Highlights of GRIHA rating system:

  • Indigenous rating system developed by TERI for rating the buildings in India.
  • Addresses environmental; concerns holistically
  • Applicable to Residential, Commercial andAi?? Institutional buildings, its easy to adopt
  • 100 point system with a set of 32 ai??i?? criteria of which some are mandatory.

On a broader scale, this system, along with the activities and processes that lead up to it, will benefit the community at large with the improvement in the environment by reducing GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, improving energy security, and reducing the stress on natural resources.

Some of the benefits of a green design to a building owner, user, and the society as a whole are as follows:

Reduced energy consumption without sacrificing the comfort levels

Reduced destruction of natural areas, habitats, and biodiversity, and reduced soil loss from erosion etc.

Reduced air and water pollution (with direct health benefits)

Reduced water consumption

Limited waste generation due to recycling and reuse

Reduced pollution loads

Increased user productivity

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