Green Building Programs

ai???Going Greenai??? has become the watchword in todayai??i??s real estate market.

The concept of ai???Green Buildingai??? aims at increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources – energy, water, materials – while reducing the impact of the building on human health and the surrounding environment during its life cycle, through better design, construction, operation, maintenance and removal and recycle of waste. Maximizing the use of day lighting, reducing the burden on the electricity usage, optimizing the cooling and heating loads of a building are few of such measures.

Some systematic approaches like USGBC (LEED), GRIHA & IGBC (LEED & more) etc. help in sustainable development but the importance of going green is not absolutely credited in terms of project cost and business value.

Today, general awareness on Green Buildings in India is still scattered but is improving rapidly amongst all sectors. The integrated and holistic approach towards construction of modern green structures is emerging with accelerated awareness and the government also provides incentives to architects and consultants who design buildings on green architectural concepts and get them rated under GRIHA/IGBC etc. This has encouraged the builders to construct buildings that are designed, built and operated in a manner that improves the health, well-being and productivity of people and the environment.

At GREENMYNDS, our team of highly experienced dedicated professionals help you ai???go greenai??? by following our uniquely crafted methodology on the various Green and CDM models which cover Green Building Consultancy, LEED Facilitation, Energy Modeling & Simulation, Lighting Simulation ,Day Lighting Analysis, Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning and CDM Advisory to name a few. Our methodology encompasses all the requirement of USGBC (LEED), GRIHA & IGBC (LEED & more) to facilitate the achievement of LEED and GRIHA certifications at various levels thereby providing an unparalleled competitive advantage .


  • Scattered knowledge in areas of code of conduct , practitioners , methodology, road map that adheres with green standards
  • Right Project Scope & Execution Methodology- Do we really need professional services to practice it?
  • Integrated Solutions- are they a very costly affair?



A robust methodology mix of project governance (support functions) and LEED certified professionals (delivery functions) along with specialized skill set to meet project objectives and business benefits which are on BUDGET, on TIME with a good scoring on CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

Program Governance is settled to support functions to adhere with all quality standards and required service management processes to provide total control on project tracking and execution while delivery functions stream carries certified professional and area expert team constitutes of IIT veterans to get the right value on consulted solutions.

  • IGBC green building program
  • USGBC green building program
  • TERI ai??i??GRIHA green building program
  • Other International green building Standards
  • Customized Trainings Programs

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  • Effective Project Governance
  • Accelerated Project Execution
  • Cost effective and Scalable Solutions fit for business sizes
  • Specialized certified professionals to calibre the desired investments as per size and business value
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  • Optimize the Cost by engaging focused solution expert group in energy saving, water and sustainable solutions
  • Overall ROI analysis during the early stages of green implementation to evaluate profitability after considering the surplus investments
  • To sustain the results, LS provide centralized ICT centre to capture the regular data points on desired systems to produce fixed interval report to assist in renewal & Performance Tuning.