Green Data Centers

ata centers are an integral part of the engine driving todayai??i??s economy, but theyai??i??re becoming increasingly more expensive to power and cool. Currently, data centers consume a little over one percent of the power in the United States annually. Some large data centers draw as much energy as a small town. These figures continue to rise as compute needs grow, density increases, and power and cooling demands climb. As a result, many data centers are reaching their full capacity sooner than expected. The picture isnai??i??t as dark as it seems. Intel sees many opportunities to improve energy efficiency in nearly every aspect of data center operation that consumes power. In fact, in addition to ourAi?? industry-leading two-year cadence for developing a new silicon process technology and micro architecture for delivering processors that provide greater ai???performance per watt,ai??? Intel is taking aAi?? leading role in working on solutions for reducing and managing power throughout the data center. Working collaboratively with

industry and government organizations, Intel is providing products, technologies and ecosystem leadership to help accelerate the industry toward the goal of optimizing the ratio of compute output to total power consumed by the data center.

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CFD Analysis ai??i?? Modeling airflow to identify and address key airflow problems. ai??? Using barriers and custom cabinets to control airflow and increase the air conditioning airflow efficiency.
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  • Acoustic Analysis
  • Energy Audit
  • Energy Efficiencies ai??i?? Design data center facilities systems to use energy efficient
  • Designs in power delivery, conversion and cooling.
  • System Design
  • Facility Design ai??i?? Ai??Combining multiple techniques to achieve high densities in new
  • and retrofitted buildings.
  • Facility Automation & SIP Programs
  • Understand data center metrics and optimize using the right ones.