Drive Values

We are able to enhance value for Investors due to a proactive investment strategy, leveraging growth, risk mitigation and financial engineering.

Proactive Investment Strategy

We constantly monitor real estate markets across India to identify and develop investment ideas based on asset class, geography and emerging growth drivers. These allow us to develop expertise rapidly within special areas, to react quickly to potential opportunities, and to develop strong relationships with key developers in that area.
Leveraging Growth

Our key focus has been to develop most promising investment ideas based on:

Emerging growth drivers
Asset classes and geographies

Risk Mitigation

Our real estate investments are generally growth stage and development focused. Due to legal, political and execution risks involved,we provide for adequate margin of safety by:

Sustainability Consulting
Appropriate due diligence
Use of conservative assumptions in projecting cash flows
Careful scenario analysis

Financial Engineering

We also participates actively in planning and advising the investee companies on their capital structures.

We are able to structure our investments innovatively and provide unique need based financial solutions enabling the developer and us to enhance the returns from the investments. This makes us the ai???partner of choiceai??? by the development community. generic viagra sublingual, generic viagra sublingual, generic viagra sublingual, generic viagra sublingual, generic viagra sublingual, generic viagra sublingual. cialis peru.