About Us

GreenMynds has more than 25+ cumulative years of vast experience with core teams for managing e2e projects. GreenMynds always bring distinction in its services by associating its core group to client assignment. Since GreenMynds is managed by highly technical people, it always gives an edge to provide, recommend and manage solutions based on latest technology by following programai??i??s fundamental attributes like-


Innovation is one of the two criteria referred to evaluate program/product. It does not necessarily imply that the particular activity has never been practiced before. Innovation simply refers to local initiatives as well as brand new projects.


This is the second criterion referred to. Essentially, no scheme or project should be recognized unless either there is clear evidence of it having had a beneficial effect on desired objective or it is of such a nature that no reasonable evaluation could be made of its impact.

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It is invariably the case that no initiative is likely to have a positive effect unless it is a committed initiative over a period of time. Thus, GreenMynds is committed to design a system which can deliver long-term commitments, durability, and willingness to be involved over a period of time. This is important because, in general, any organization should avoid recognizing schemes which, however innovative, have not yet been fully rolled out, or where there is no clear evidence of willingness to commit for the long term.

Well Researched

It is important for any scheme to be based on a defined proposition, both in terms of the market to be addressed and the message to be conveyed. There are many cases of well-intentioned schemes, which are not right blend of fundamentals, geographies, and technologies.


Some projects are not capable of replication because they are single initiatives. Most, however, are capable of being reproduced by others and the fundamental purpose of versatility should be to show interested professionals how particular initiatives have worked in reducing cost and speedy deliveries. It is, therefore, an important criterion in terms of assessing productai??i??s eligibility.


Reference has been made earlier for a scheme to be durable. GreenMynds ensure that it is adequately supported by ROI financed models to achieve its goals over a defined period of time.


Excellence, integrity, honesty, respect, exceeding customer expectations, andAi??quality are all great values for any company to have. We believe these are the minimum standards you should receive from anyone with whom you do business.

To retain our clients, to attract great employees, and to maintain our enthusiasm, we strive for:

  • Passion: Love what we do, do what we love, enjoy our day, and have fun.
  • Commitment: Meet our commitments – if we say we will do it, we will do it.
  • Straightforwardness: Communicate clearly and to-the-point.
  • Openness: Talk about problems – they do happen – and solve them.
  • Accessibility: Be accessible to our clients. You may need us frequently and at unconventional times.
  • Learning: Teach, share, learn, and help people grow.
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  • Success of Others: Help our clients and employees achieve their success.
  • Balance: Go home when it’s time to go – attend ballgames, participate in theatre, exercise and do whatever it takes for our all-round personality development.

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